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Firegrill One Review - Steve, Essex

"I took delivery of the Firegrill One in early 2013 where it was used as my main BBQ and firepit on many campervan adventures. The design is spot on and it quickly got noticed for its flexibility as a grill, and the fact that the fire basket is off the ground makes it campsite friendly as an open fire. I’m a grillseeker, and my Roadii is capable of cooking all the family favourites, chops, steaks, kebabs, sausages etc, then allows me to throw on a couple of logs and it doubles up as campfire for marshmallows and desserts! The campervan is long gone now but the Firegrill is still out cooking in all British weather - I really am amazed that nothing has needed replacing after 8 years of solid use - a highly recommended product."

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Firegrill Three Review - Fiona, Wiltshire

"I bought a Roadii Firegrill after much research because I was impressed with the ethics of the company. We have used similar systems before and I enjoyed the tripod campfire set up for cooking/socialising but struggled to find anything that would last more than a season. 

 When we saw Roadii advertised, it seemed absolutely perfect for us, the pricing is very reasonable when compared with similar systems which will need replacing after a year and the extras such as camping carry bag, cover for outside and the tools were a real win for me. 

 Above everything, a system that is made in the U.K. and therefore can be repaired/replaced from a U.K. warehouse is so important to me. Simon has been excellent from the very start and helped me pick a perfect system for our needs. 

 We have used it for garden camping 4 times now, including one evening when I cooked a spag bol on it because I didn’t want the hassle of going inside and cooking while the children were entertaining themselves and playing in the garden.  

It’s brilliant. A whole kitchen on our patio and in the evening, the tripod campfire is wonderful to sit round and keep everyone warm. 

 I’ll keep sending Simon pictures as we take our system around the uk, it’s modular design means we have saved some much needed storage space in the camping trailer and many a sing song will be had around the firepit. 

Great service, quick to resolve any issues and answer any questions. Just what you want from a British company. 

 I am positive that my built-to-last Firegrill will be good to go for a long time and I love that I can buy replacement pieces when needed and when not covered by the guarantee. 

Thank you again Simon, the whole family is very impressed."