Firegrill One
Firegrill One
Picture of Firegrill 1 packed down
Firegrill One
Firegrill One
Firegrill One
Firegrill One
Firegrill One

Firegrill One

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Firecooking with controllable fire heat!

Small enough to pack - easily cooks for a family
Our unique Firegrill designs are far more versatile for cooking than a conventional campfire or BBQ and although compact when stowed, they're big enough to cook for 6 hungry adults*.

Total heat control
With a Roadii you can easily adjust the amount of heat you want to cook with and this lets you create the most amazing dishes. Also, when you're done, unlike a BBQ, take the grill off and its a campfire you can sit round to enjoy the warmth.

Ground safe

We designed the fire hearth to be off the ground so it doesn't burn or scorch grass, this is why many campsites are happy for you to use them.
The Firegrill has a tripod with three multi section legs and a suspended fire hearth with a height adjustable cooking grill. It’s designed to burn wood, charcoal or a mixture of both. 

How does it work?
A one handed, remote operated height adjustable stainless steel grill lets you find the perfect cooking temperature from the fire. A hanging lidded Cookpot is available as an accessory for baking, roasting, stews etc and keeping food hot when batch cooking on the grill. A Warmshelf can be added too as an accessory to hang under the firehearth for overhead grilling, pan pizza cooking and food warming. 
Cook just about anything anywhere!



  • Tripod - compact, pack-down design.
  • Carbon steel fire hearth.
  • Stainless steel cooking grill - 40cm diameter & height adjustable for perfect heat control.
  • Stainless steel fixings 
  • Industry leading Lifetime Limited Guarantee**

Packed size = 45 x 45 x 28cm
Built size = 80 x 80 x 140cm
Weight = 13kg

*Using Warmshelf Grill & Cookpot together, available as accessories.
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