Built for life

We make stuff that lasts

We want you to use our products for a really long time.
We design and make our roadiis here in Britain and that’s why we are able to sell spares for everything that we make. We’d rather you kept your roadii going than having to recycle it because a part was damaged or missing. We have also designed our firegrills to be upgradeable so that models can be upgraded with new parts and accessories.

The Roadii Promise

 We are - and will always be - driven by designing and making things exceptionally well: high quality paint and powder coat finishes that protect the product, steel thick enough not to rust through in a few years, and catering grade stainless steel where it’s needed most.

 We have developed our products through use and practical experience and we hope they will be giving you pleasure for years to come.  
We know there’s more to quality products than good design and skilful manufacture which is why do our very best to find new ways across the business to bring them into the world (and your life), sympathetically and sustainably. It’s a journey and we are learning and improving every step of the way.

100% recyclable 

Everything we do is made to last and we are striving to minimise the effect we have on the world. Our new 2020 firegrills are delivered to you in packaging made from biodegradable materials 66% recycled card. The use of paper based gummed tape also means our boxes are 100% recyclable at any domestic recycling centre.