Easy Breakfast

 Cooking time - 20 mins
Serves - 2+
Equipment - Firegrill & Cookpot
Fire - medium heat


A great way to get you up and going for the day - don't forget the Ketchup & brownsauce!  If you’re lucky you may still have some embers from the evening before to get things going!







Turn the lid of the cook pot upside down and locate the lid handle in a gap in the grill, add a little oil.

Place the sausages around the upturned lid and cook for approximately 10 mins before starting the bacon in the same way. Bread can also be toasted the same way.

Cook the eggs in the upturned lid and serve with the rest of the grilled items.

Tip: don't have the lid too hot - this will stop the eggs from bubbling and sticking


Optional extras: Grilled tomatoes / baked beans cooked in the tin. Open the tin before cooking on the grill. Handle with care as it will become very hot.