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XL Firegrill Three


Our new top of the range super-sized tripod suspended firehearth, based on an up-cycled truck wheel.
With a grill diameter of 55cm this system allows you cook large quantities of food which makes it perfect for parties or larger gatherings. The XL3 comes complete with grill, pot frame, cookpot and warmshelf.
The tripod contains the grill height adjustment system and has an integral hook at the top for chains to be hung for pot cooking etc.
Another unique feature of the XL Firegrill is that the tripod can be configured with the fire hearth set at different heights. In ‘Campfire’ mode, the fire hearth is set lower giving a campfire feel to the set up when seated around it. In ‘Cook’ mode the tripod legs are extended to give a grill height of 65cm which makes for comfortable cooking whilst standing.
As with other Firegrills the XL3 is perfect for use where you want to cook and have a campfire that doesn't burn or damage the ground. The firepit consists of a tripod with three two part legs, wheel hearth, height adjustable stainless steel grill, 8.5L cast iron cookpot with hanging chain and stainless steel warmshelf with hanging chains.

**3 week delivery item. Contact us for a price for deliveries outside of UK mainland and latest stock status**

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