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Cooking time – 5-6 hours

Serves 6

Equipment – Firegrill & Cookpot

Fire – Wood or charcoal, start hot then keep ticking over

Put aside a lazy afternoon for this easy American classic, the meat is slow-cooked then shredded or ‘pulled’.

Best be served with crusty rolls, pickles and slaw.

If you plan ahead it is best to marinade the meat for a few hours, ideally overnight.



Pulled Pork

1.6kg boneless pork shoulder, skin removed

2 x tsp sea salt

2 x tbsp sugar (dark brown is best)

1 x tbsp smoked paprika

A splash (50ml) of apple juice or cider


1. Marinade – easiest way to do this is to get a large strong sealable freezer bag.

Drop the salt, sugar and smoked paprika straight into the bag and then add the pork. Seal the bag and then massage the marinade ingredients into the meat. Once thoroughly coated put aside and keep chilled.


2. As the fire heats, warm up the cookpot above the grill. Pull the pot up high and drop the grill down low over the hot coals. Remove the pork from the freezer bag and place straight onto the hot grill. Sear all sides of the joint on the grill turning frequently to avoid any charring until nicely brown and caramelised all over.


3. Once the pork has been seared, transfer to the cookpot. Add the apple juice or cider and seal with the lid.


4. Remove the grill from the Roadii and drop the pot down on the chain to be approx 30cm from the coals. Slowly feed the fire now for the next 5-6 hours to maintain a low to medium heat. Every hour or so check on the meat and turn over ensuring that the lid is then sealed to keep the juices in.


5. Check the meat is fully cooked, then remove the pot from the fire and shred the pork with a pair of forks.


Serving suggestion – Split and load up crusty rolls with slaw, with a side of potato wedges or corn on the cob